Interview with Enzymedica Ambassador, Ashley Whetung

Ashley Whetung

Enzymedica is so happy to have Ashley Whetung as one of our newest ambassadors. Let’s learn a little more about her, below!

1. What is your best kept work out secret?

2. What’s your favorite go-to healthy food?

3. How have Enzymedica products bettered your life?

4. What’s your #1 hobby/passion?

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Supplemental Probiotics and Enzymes

Supplemental Probiotics and Enzymes: Two Partners that are Not to be Confused or Separated

Dr. M. Mamadou
Very often I hear people say: “Don’t probiotics make enzymes? So why should I take enzymes? I take probiotics, so I don’t need supplemental enzymes”.

Another confusing statement is: “Enzymes, especially proteases, destroy the probiotics, so I cannot take enzymes”.

There are various other incorrect views related to probiotics and enzymes that are prevalent within the dietary supplements market.

The objective of this paper is to describe the characteristics related to probiotics and enzymes and hopefully help clarify the misconceptions.


Probiotics is a generic term referring to the various microorganisms occupying the large intestine and living in symbiosis with the host. They are friendly to the host, and in fact provide many benefits to the host. Probiotics are found in animals as well as humans. However, in this paper the focus is on probiotics living within the large intestine of humans.

Among the probiotics living in the lower gut, there are some that are potentially pathogenic. Those are kept in “check” when the conditions are good and favoring the good organisms. However, when the conditions get bad, often as a result of bad foods, medications, stress, gastrointestinal surgeries, poor bowel movement, the potentially pathogenic can come out, take charge, and ultimately harm the host.  READ MORE

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Organic Exercise By Justin Bohager

Justin Bohager

Enzymedica Customer Care

I recently started collecting vinyl. My fiancé gave me a record player for our anniversary and I’ve been feverishly addicted to trading all my greenbacks for thick, candy colored, sometimes transparent, 180 gram vinyl. On our recent family vacation, we spent a few days in Seattle. Lovingly, my fiancé tagged along on my obsessed, city wide scavenger hunt for record stores and waited patiently for hours as I combed through every stack of records on the shelves.


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“Eat for Life” by Harvey Diamond


HamiltonHamilton Cabanilla

Enzymedica Educator

Harvey Diamond’s book, “Eat For Life”.

First off, the book is fun and easy to read. It feels like an old friend simply talking to you, giving you some friendly advice because he cares about you. It uses some sound logic that simply guides you to great conclusions and to want to live a healthier lifestyle.


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Is your food safe?


HamiltonHamilton Cabanilla

Enzymedica Educator

Is your food safe? Its been estimated that every year roughly 30% of citizens of major countries suffer with some type of illness transmitted through food.  What can we do?

1. Learn to buy.

2. Cleanliness.

3. Preparing foods.


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